The motto of the Cape General Mission is, ‘God First.’ In one sense that is a beautiful motto, and yet I am not always satisfied with it, because it is a motto that is often misunderstood. God first may mean ‘I’ second, something else third, and something else fourth. God is thus first in order, but still God becomes one of a series of powers, and that is not the place God wants, ‘God first’ is really ‘God all; God everything;

Andrew Murray

What an awesome and humbling observation! So many have the mindset that Jesus is our co-pilot, or a back seat driver. God wants to be much more than a word of wisdom or an extra hand… though He can be those things as well. When Paul (Rom 1:1) Jude, (Jude 1:1) and others referred to themselves as “bond-servants” what does that mean? In Exodus 21 we see exactly what a bondservant is. Someone who was once a slave, goes to the master and says “I love my master, my wife and children; I will not go out a free man.” The master would then pierce the ear of the former slave, marking them as a willful slave or bond-servant.

We as Christians should consider our position… prior to Christ all are in slavery… sold under sin (rom 7:14). Now we have the opportunity to come under new ownership… to a master that not only loves us, but we can love as well! While we are adopted by God and can cry “Abba Father” (rom 8:15) and we have the right to come boldly before His throne (heb 4:16) we still must remember that we also were bought for a price (1 cor 6:20) and your life is no longer your own! I’m not talking about oppressive slavery… but liberating ownership (ties into the upside-down kingdom)!

Your ideas or opinions are gone… your will is dead… Christ is first, all, and everything! He’s not our co-pilot or back seat driver. We serve in obedience, dying daily to ourselves. We should cry as John the Baptist cried: (john 3:30) “He (Jesus) must increase. I must decrease.”

As Paris Reidhead encouraged on one occasion our proper position is not with God in the passenger seat as a coach, or even us in the passenger seat with God driving (we could still reach over and grab the wheel). Our position wasn’t even in the back seat and allowing God to drive, for we could still speak and interrupt God’s plan and even reach over the seat if we so wished. No, our proper is in the trunk of the car with Jesus behind the wheel… He can fill the car with whatever type of gas He wants and drive where He wants. This is the proper position for any Christian in true and proper submission to His master!