The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.
Psalm 37:23

In the last couple of weeks it seems like I’ve had the exact same conversation with a few individuals. During service a call to salvation was given. I met an individual who was overwhelmed because they came to the altar knowing they have a lot of junk in their life. How are they going to live right? They may understand forgiveness, but what about freedom? I’ve seen worry and panic on people who should be rejoicing. Analyzing our present spiritual state in light of God’s high and holy standard should be sobering.

My encouragement is usually the same. The Lord directs the STEPS of the godly. More often than not God moves us in steps, not leaps and bounds. I encourage people, “You took a right step by simply responding to this altar call. Watch for the next step.” God will direct our steps if we commit to follow His direction. One step at a time.

Funny how our backslidings generally work the same way. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a person who was solid in their walk with God that falls into deep sin overnight. Nobody comes out of a genuine prayer time or worship service and commits murder or goes to sell drugs. There are always steps. A small compromise. Ignoring the small conviction of the Holy Spirit. 

Recently I spoke to a man of God that within the past few years has seen incredible success in his ministry. He’s gone from a humble place preaching for a handful of youth in a basement to preaching in some of the most respected pulpits in the nation and around the world. As we spoke he made it clear that he didn’t just blow up into great success overnight. God directed his steps. It was staying godly and obedient to the path that God had laid before him. 

Whether you are just starting in your walk with the Lord, are struggling with sin, or you are believing for increase in your life, business, or ministry, my encouragement is to look for the next step that God is ordaining for you.