Just a few weeks back I saw a documentary that was put together by an atheist that was very informative. I was in no way swayed by his accusations toward God (or the god who isn’t there as he put it) his views on the Bible, or how he believed the authority of science far outweighed the authority of Scripture. As a former Christian he found the great majority of Christians to be hypocritical and fake… something I can’t wholeheartedly disagree with. While the atheist had plenty of negative to say about some of the radical Christians of our day, and where they stand on touchy issues (abortion, homosexuality, capital punishment to name a few), he actually ended up commending them for actually having the guts to stand behind what the Bible actually declares without compromise. He also made the statement that the whole seeker sensitive movement, trying to be relevant to the world, or the church making efforts to be close to the world simply didn’t make sense. Christianity is to be offensive and abrasive… it always has been. And when presented properly it always will be.

Again to reiterate, these are thoughts and comments coming from an atheist… and I couldn’t agree more. I wonder how the world would view the church if we would start living up to the standards that God has presented… if we took the encouragement to be holy as He is holy seriously… or truly lived day to day with eternity in view… the reality of heaven and hell… the seriousness of sin… the limitless love of God… the terrible wrath of God that will be revealed against the wicked and hard hearted…

I wonder if we started adhering the standards that some of the pastors and preachers of the 1700’s and 1800’s and what they said the Christian life looked like how our actions and views of Christianity would change. I wonder how the believer would look in the eyes of an atheist.

I’d like you to consider the challenging words of Charles Spurgeon, a pastor who lived and ministered in America during the 1800’s. His message of holiness and the sovereignty of God has caused him to become the most published author in Church history.

Aim at being perfect. Every young convert should be taught that if it is not his purpose to live without sin, he has not yet begun to be a Christian. What is Christianity, but supreme love to God and a supreme purpose of heart or disposition to obey God? If there is not this, there is no Christianity at all. 

It should be our constant purpose (aim) to live wholly to God and obey all His commandments. We should live so that if we were to sin, it would be an inconsistency, an exception, an individual case, in which we act contrary to the fixed and general purpose of our lives. 

That is the essence of the true Christian walk, not to see what we can get away with, but instead, to see what we can stay away from. In following that course, it is easier to live a holy life, focused on our example—Jesus

Charles Spurgeon