Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10

Did you know that an evangelist, before it was ever someone who travels and preaches the gospel, was actually a military position?

Let’s say you have one nation that invades another. The attacking army moves into the capital city, defeats the defending army, overthrows their king, and sets up their own leader to rule. In the days before internet, social media, telephones, and other means of communication, the news of this victory and the new king would take a long time to spread. In fact, you could have other cities and villages that never even knew they had a new king, and would still operate under the leadership and law of the former system.

This is where the evangelist comes in. The new reigning king would comission evangelists to travel to the other kingdoms and cities with the news that there was a new kingdom in place. Some would receive the news gladly as they established local government, but others would resist and smaller battles would break out. This is all the work of the evangelist.

You can begin to see why Jesus calls the messengers that carry the good news “evangelists”. Jesus is the King of kings and has overthrown the kingdom of darkness, but we all know that the news has not spread. The world has not been fully redeemed yet. This is why Jesus instructed us to pray, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.” Do you realize how radical this prayer is? Your Kingdom come. We all know the Lord’s prayer, but I would venture to say many have not considered the weight of the words that we have probably prayed many times over. In praying, “Your Kingdom come”, that is acknowledging that what we see operating around us is not always the kingdom of God, but rather the kingdom of darkness. The wickedness that we see around us is not the will of God, but the will of another. You realize when we pray “Your Kingdom come” we are praying an end to the kingdoms of the enemy in the world and declaring that God’s kingdom be released. When we pray, “Your will be done” we are praying to end the will of sin and death that we see operating around us. Those are radical prayers!

Let us commit to be those who will not only pray, but will also do the work of an evangelist!