"there is joy in the presence of God's angels when even one sinner repents."
Luke 15:10

Heaven rejoices when people come to repentance! The joy of being an evangelist is setting heaven into a state of rejoicing on a daily basis.

In the wake of so many hearts getting right with the Lord this weekend, I wanted to share an encouragement from Newman Hall that has always been profound to me:


Salvation is much more than escape from punishment. It is deliverance from sin. Jesus Christ was sent to bless us "in turning away every one of us from his iniquities." In believing on Him we not only obtain pardon through His Blood, but we become holy by the influence of His indwelling Spirit. Though pardoned at once, we are not at once made perfect in purity. This is an arduous, progressive work. Salvation in its full sense implies conformity to Jesus as well as reliance upon Him. It is a change of heart, a transformation of character, a new life. It is the humbling of pride, the curbing of the passions, the destruction of self-will. It is the undoing the work of all former years, the untwisting the coils which the devil had long been winding round us, and the training us to new habits of thought and action. It is not simply the avoiding sin, but the abhorring it; not chiefly through fear of punishment, but from love to the Redeemer. It is the heart which once regarded its own pleasure as the highest good, now seeking as its chief end and supreme delight the glory of its Maker

Newman Hall